Psychological Therapy

Psychological therapy involves a collaborative exploration of possibilities for dealing with the difficulties that confront us in life. Light is shone on the beliefs and patterns that underlie our struggles and which make changing life circumstances especially challenging. I focus mostly on the here and now. I bring a warm, humor-infused approach to the work.

Over the years, people have been prompted to come to see me for a wide variety of reasons, including: struggles to find meaning; dealing with depression and anxiety; living with illness or preparing to die; recovering from controlling religion; seeking work/life balance; thriving through life transitions.

In recent years I have been especially active in working with the following groups:

Second Wave Clients

These are people who already have experience with psychological therapy. Perhaps they’ve done cognitive-behavioral training and have some skills to manage and promote mental health. Perhaps they’ve been in supportive therapy that allowed them to express themselves and to deal with specific issues. But they come to see me with a desire to go deeper, to promote more radical change.


I see a lot of people in leadership positions, working in many different contexts. These people share a commitment to leading well, and to serving their staff and communities of interest. I take pleasure in working collaboratively towards these goals.

Those Interested in Spiritual Life and Meditation

I’ve been intensely engaged with my own spiritual practice over many years, and have actively taught and coached many people sharing such commitment. Too often it is assumed among spiritual practitioners that troublesome characteristics and behavior patterns will automatically drop away through the openings that occur through meditation or other spiritual practices. They don’t! In order to loosen the influence of longstanding patterns we must learn all about them and undertake the hard work of change.

I’ve recently written a manuscript (see below) that serves to introduce and elaborate the possibilities for freedom that arise from psychological and spiritual work. I value working with people who are drawn to these possibilities.